Palestine One Nation, One People

Posted on March 15, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

The turn out for today great date March 15 that marked the beginning, little set back, but the battle is not lost, the youth, the women, the men, will come out again, tomorrow, next week, until Unity is achieved.

Who said that battles are easy to win? ask that to Laila Khaled?
She will tell you is not easy. Today was a great day for Palestine, no matter what the outcome, it is a change, for first time lots of women are taking charge of the affairs of their Land. Thousands of women were mixed with the crowd of men since yesterday demanding Unity.

They know they must not be afraid, they are all Palestinians. Hamas, AFLP,FATAH, every one, no matter the party they follow, they are all Palestinians, we are all Palestinians.
One Palestine Nation to fight for, against the common enemies, ‘The Occupier’, ‘The IOF’, ‘Ignorance of the root of the conflic ,’Zionism’,’Ignorance and Neglect’,’Division’. Those are the real enemies of the people.

Today turn of the events are only a show of the government to exercise power over the people, intimidation won’t work with us that are feed up with Israel, even without uniform we know them, they can beat us and incarcerated us, but we wont stop. They need to stop and unite with us. This fight is not against our government, it is against the division.


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