Gaza and West Bank Celebrating the end of The Division

Posted on May 04, 2011 by Omar Karem
Leaders of Fatah and Hamas both welcomed a Palestinian reconciliation deal signed in Cairo today
There was a day for celebration in Palestine, in both the physically separated lands by Israel; Gaza bordering with Egypt and West Bank with Jordan. There were laughs, music really an atmosphere of party in Palestine, only Israel have frown face and stomage pains all her efforts to keep Palestine divided either by bribing the leaders or keeping them separated by a set of tight check points and walls around the land of the prophets started to grumble down.
Today it is a new beginning for Palestinians, they started to feel the euphoria of a United land even if is just the beginning of the long road. But they are not alone, now the world has taken notice of their case. The Activist Community have been working hand in hand with them, inside Palestine and abroad. The various organizations that comprise the activist community will keep the activities and the pressure to bring an end once and for all of this Occupation.

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“Unity = Strength, Israel your going down, Viva Palestina !!!
Thank you ALAH Than you HAMAS Thank you FATAH Thank you Palestinians
Thank you Arabic people, Thank you Omar Karem AND KEEP SHARING US
My latest video, Palestine celebrates while Israel weeps”.


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